Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick hits before I stay

Got some guests coming here this weekend, so nothing from me until after that.

Hermes is complete.

I might actually take a week off from carving to work on some other stuff, so maybe nothing from me for the next 10 days.


Friday, March 20, 2009

I'll be what I should have said earlier because now I am back

My analysis of the problem turned out to be correct. New power supply arrived today and things are running well. I decided on continuing pictures as I go since the problem was quickly resolved and half of you probably don't even realize I had no computer. If you've been dying to see a couple hundred wooden feathers it's your lucky day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tastes like burning

I'm sleepy, but I feel obligated to write something. My carving schedule has been a bit inconsistent this last week or so, as you may have notcied from the gaps of days between pictures. But I'm entering the home stretch with Hermes, so I resolved to spend more time working on it/her. This makes sense when you consider that I need to finish by next Wednesday. So today was going to be the start of the glorious process of feathering an entire foot tall bird. Luckily my computer shut off an hour before I had to go tutor and it would not turn back on. I'm hoping the faint odor of burning was just the power supply dying. So rather than work on the bird, I spent most of my time investigating computery things and hooking up my old computer all sandwiched around four hours of math. I feel like I used the word "so" too many times.

You might be thinking that this really has nothing to do with carving. Aside from eating up a bunch of my time it wouldn't really, except for the fact that all my pictures are on a computer that won't turn on. If it was the power supply things should be back to normal in a couple days. There likely won't be pictures put up until that point. I may not put them up anyway until after Hermes is complete. We'll see how things go. If something else was burning I may just /wrist and be done with it. HAVE GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

generically titled post to honor generically titled baseball stuff with dionysum

What up what up. Working on Hermes now. Hermes is a female spirochete. That's not true, but it sounds kinda like parakeet. The truth is I have no idea what Hermes is other than bird. The real question here is why have you named your female bird after a male god? I'm speaking to the mainlanders here. How many people are thoroughly confused at this point? I hope at least one of you. So yeah, working on a bird.

I'll probably update the coming attractions stuff tomorrow, but up next will be another bird. I normally don't like to do two similar things in a row, but my boy Azziz (pronounced Ozzie (this is an inside joke that only he and I will understand (note the rare use of triple parathenses here, somthing only a pro can manage (pro at what I have no idea)))) is graduating from law school in May. He goes to The U and has settled on some bird related to The U with some symbol related to The U on it. Anyway, check for something on that tomorrow.

Finally, EMG has started a baseball blog. For those of you that care about baseball, check it out. I linked to it in the read or else section. My hope is there will be some trash talking here or there once the season starts. Or now. Hahahahah Carl Pavano. And you can't come back at me with A-Rod. That's just too cliche.

There were actually a lot of respectable (which means insulting to normal people) comments the last two weeks. Unfortunately they're kind of spread out. But if you're bored start here and then when you run out of those you can move to here.