Saturday, February 21, 2009


I have actually been doing stuff the last few days even though there haven't been pictures. One thing I was doing was considering my options for the wings. You can see more on that in the pictures I added tonight. While pondering I was also painstakingly filling in tiny unpainted spots between scales. I didn't think this would be interesting so I haven't been putting up pictures of that. I also started work on the next project. My feeble system of photo organization can't handle two current projects, though. I believe I have completed the dragon, so expect a bunch of pictures from the new thing to show up tomorrow.

Victor was kind enough to post some encouraging comments this week. Check them out. Oh, and earmuffs before you start reading them.

And if you'd like to understand the title of this post you should view this.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can I resuse titles if I wait a long time between posts? I want to reuse "What? Oh, this thing. Right."

You were wondering if I crapped out on this idea. A combination of me not feeling like it and me not having anything interesting to say means I've neglected posting for weeks. So I guess I did crap out, but not forever. I'm not sure crap out is grammatically correct. Judy, help me out here. +/-

Anyway, I finished carving the dragon tonight. Tomorrow I will be painting. I'll be putting up pictures as I go rather than one large update, so check in often. Or don't. It's not going to be that exciting. And it's not like they're going anywhere. You can look whenever you want really. Shut up. Here's a dragon picture.

There were some riddles, but as far as I can tell only Mike is enjoying them lately, and he's gotten them right so I'm going to skip the solutions this time. Complain here if joo got a problem.