Monday, April 13, 2009


You may have noticed a decline in the amount of carving I've been doing. There are reasons for this. I will list them now. Mike was back for another week. Work is entering a busy time. Yesterday was Easter. But things should pick up some this week as Mike is not visiting, some schools have the week off, and it is not Easter.

Nothing else to report. I just want you guys to know I was quite proud of your commenting this week. I think this one is my most commented photo ever.

You can also check out Mike's contribution to the Ibis.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I can't think of good titles

Birthday weekend is over. It was a success. At least for me. I assume everyone else had fun, but I'm most important, so it was a success. For those that don't know, which may be exactly two of you, Mike and Sophie have birthdays on March 26 and mine is on the 29th. So we decided to get everyone together this past weekend. Everyone means Mike and Judy from Colorado, Victor and Sophie from Maryland, and Eric and Chrissy from Connecticut. As my place of residence is most centrally located, everyone came here. +/-

I was finally able to deliver these three creations:

I've had Brutus the Buckeye since January, but he's finally found his way to Eric, the Ohio State Buckeye's fan. I was able to pass off the dragon and the Hermes as birthday gifts for Mike and Sophie respectively. I think the real Hermes has already tried mating with the wooden Hermes. And the wooden dragon has already burned three villages.

Speaking of gifts, I was blessed to receive this from Victor and Sophie:

For you lame-o people out there, that is an Edward Cullen figure. Edward is the super sexy vampire from Twilight. Look it up. No more time to explain. I've got to go stare into his eyes.

Oh yeah, I started planning the Ibis, but I don't think I'll start carving until this weekend.